Craig Watkins


A little about me

Craig Watkins is the director of Mint Real Estate and Apartmint. He has been in property for over 30 years, holding a property and economics degree, and having worked for a number of developers, he has a different perspective than most.

Craig has developed an Apartment Consultancy Service to suit the changing needs of buyers. Mint Real Estate is a specialist project marketing and sales team that operates exclusively with quality apartments and freehold terraced housing.

Craig’s role is to source development sites and projects in central locations. Working with a number of apartment developers over the last 15 years, combined with an economics and property degree, Craig has an eye for picking the next best opportunity. An example of Craig’s team in action is the Vinegar Lane project in Ponsonby. Here, Mint Real Estate is coordinating the construction of 4 and 5 level multiple unit buildings on 30 sites, and Apartmint are selling the apartments off plan.

When he’s not working, Craig enjoys spending time with his girls, and boating.


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