This Apartment Life

Pete and I are finally walking the talk.

This week we moved into an apartment!

And I have to say – total bliss.

Of course getting ready for the move and moving day was (worthwhile) utter pandemonium. But I spent the last couple of months when I had an hour or two up my sleeve getting prepared, which was a lifesaver.

Of course, after living most of our family life in houses, the preparation mostly involved throwing things out, or taking loads to Salvation Army (my theory on this is: the amount of unnecessary stuff you accumulate is equivalent to the space you have in your house – sort of like how a goldfish grows to the size of its bowl or pond).

I think I’ll call it ‘The Goldfish Theory’!! Ha ha.

So we only kept the things we truly loved and gave everything else away. It’s funny the sense of lightness that brings.

Our new apartment is steps from our office, cafes, a cinema, shops.

This morning I hosed our little courtyard in 5 minutes flat which made a nice change from the much larger courtyard we used to have that was constantly covered in fallen leaves and debris from the giant Willow on the block.

We also walked Freddy and enjoyed a coffee at our favourite café on the way home.

You really can have it all!

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This Apartment Life