Home Selling Tips: Is Your Property 'Fit For Marketing?

You know the drill when you’re about to list your property with an agent. It’s home selling tips 101 time.

  • Hedges trimmed.
  • Paint touch ups.
  • Make sure the taps aren’t dripping.
  • Declutter.
  • Perhaps some new items for styling.
  • Etc.

That’s basic home selling tips 101, right?

But there’s a very important question that needs to be asked before the one above . . .

And that’s: ‘Who’s the buyer we’ll be marketing my property to?’ Before addressing the items you’ll be undertaking before putting your home on the market, the answer to this question is vital.

For example, if your likely buyer is a couple in their forties with primary-school-aged children, what are they going to be most attracted to about your home?

It’ll probably be the rumpus room and outdoor areas. So in your planning for house-prep, make sure those areas shine and are set up for that group. Maybe you’ll need to re-lay the turf. Perhaps you could re-work the rumpus with furniture to ensure it creates the right vibe for a specific age.

Or are you selling a 2 bed apartment in an inner-CBD hot spot?

Your buyer is likely to be a thirty-year-old, looking for their first home. Make sure to relate your styling to entice that group. Freshen the cushions, a new rug perhaps, some well-place house-plants and a feeling of being put together goes a long way in your online marketing (which is where your buyer will most likely first see your property).

So, in a nutshell, know your buyer and speak to that buyer in your home presentation in order to bank that bigger cheque at settlement.

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Home Selling Tips: Is Your Property 'Fit For Marketing?