Game Changing Storage Ideas for Apartment Dwellers

One of the most common concerns buyers have when purchasing a new apartment (and coming from a house) is: “How much storage will I have?”

Here’s a list of the various options you can incorporate into your apartment to significantly increase its storage capabilities (that you may not have considered yet):

  1. The ‘over car bonnet’ storage capsule. This can add approximately 3 cubic metres of storage for your golf clubs, suitcases, beach umbrellas, and sewing machine.
  2. ‘Under the bed’ storage containers. These are great for your blankets, duvets and winter clothing. You can fit even more in when you combine with vacuum seal storage bags.
  3. Built-in cabinetry. Enhance your new apartment and increase storage space by talking to a designer about creating some built-ins with shelving to display your treasured items, and cupboards underneath for your best china, board games and Christmas decorations.
  4. New coffee tables and ottomans often come with drawers to store books and magazines.
  5. Store your wine collection in your apartment building’s basement wine cellar
  6. Perhaps your double garage can be meshed off and a remote controlled door installed.
  7. If your new apartment has a butler’s pantry, you’re set with tonnes of space for kitchen gadgets, pots, pans and wine glasses.

So now that you’re a ‘storage genius’, what’s stopping you from having that dream apartment?

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Game Changing Storage Ideas for Apartment Dwellers