Downsizing Your Commute to Inner City Dream Home

With modern expectations of having more, it’s easy to forget the freedom that comes with having less.

Downsizing is growing in popularity, but don’t make the mistake that downsizing just means moving to a smaller house. It doesn’t.

Downsizing comes in many forms. Downsizing your daily school commute is just one example.

Recently some friends of ours uprooted from their acreage property in Aucklands outskirts to a place a couple of kilometres from the CBD, and they’re all revelling in their new independence and lifestyle.

Downsizing to an inner city dream home . . .

They realised their daily commute back and forth from the city and schools was placing unnecessary pressure on the whole family not to mention the time wasted sitting in traffic.

On top of that, their massive acreage home, the stables, the horses – had all become a ball and chain, and weekends were just spent on keeping up with maintenance instead of catching up with friends and family.

Our friends said, “While it was idyllic having a farm-style existence while the kids were at primary school, with all the activities they’re now involved with, it became a nightmare being so far out of town – we felt like taxi drivers!”

Needless to say, since the move, their teen children have a lot more independence too, which means Mum and Dad can do the things they’d love to be doing – the cinema, yoga, art lessons, dinner dates (and secretly it’s the little things too, like not having to drive for miles when they run out of milk!)

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Downsizing Your Commute to Inner City Dream Home